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An IT strategy using software-as-a-service (SaaS) as a support has various benefit during process of hiring, two of them are discussed below:

  1. SaaS vendors run and resolve maintenance issues, upgrade system timely and protect the information stored in database.
  2. SaaS vendor implement changes, train IT employees and help in providing training and support to other newly hired staff as well.

While selecting SaaS vendor CIO and his team should consider the following things to make it worthwhile:

  1. CIO should analyse the financial conditions of the selected vendors in order to gain the idea that how long this vendor will be able to stay in the market and how long the contract will work. It is important because as long as vendor will stay in market they will provide long term after services to MTC. This will also make sure that the vendor can cater the future needs and demands as well.
  2. While selecting vendors MTC should analyse all the expense and cost of its implementation. This is important because the SaaS should be budget friendly in longer run. They should evaluate the cost of setup, after services, coordination cost and other expenses as well. Before implementing SaaS MTC should make a long term budget document and share it with selected vendor and keep some negotiation space as well, after that MTC should sign the contract.
  3. Before final implementation, MTC’s CIO should ask vendor to provide trial version at some cost to see if the selected SaaS fits in their organization or not. This will save cost as well as time.

Outsourcing of this service can be very harmful for MTC as the privacy of data will be on stake. At the start of planning outsourcing SaaS cost-benefit analyses looks very attractive but by the time organization loose it’s control on security, applications and deployment as SaaS provider have all your private information and can use private information against MTC or violate the contract as well. By outsourcing SaaS, MTC will be dependent on SaaS vendor as they have all the information not only of MTC but also of their clients. May be the outsourcing vendors do not invade privacy but MTC IT staff will be bound to do things according to SaaS vendor and create more dependency. Though outsourcing has many benefits as well but the cost in terms of privacy invasion and damaged regulatory consequences is very high and can harm MTC in longer run.


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