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Discussion Guidelines:

Discussion are to be complete and well-organized, and well supported with outside research, assigned readings or personal experience, as appropriate; posting demonstrates a thorough understanding of the concepts, and poses questions for classmates.

Question 1

As you have no doubt discovered, teamwork is an important aspect of this class.The larger portion of your grade will result from the work of your team and its deliverables.So, before we begin working in our teams, each of you should do some research on the web and share two unique concepts about what makes teamwork successful, the characteristics of successful teams, etc.Find something that is different from what has already been posted by your classmates, so we get a wide collection of ideas to discuss and apply.Be sure to cite your sources.Then, tell how you and your team could use these 2 concepts in order to be successful in this class.

Question 2

There are many ways that IT supports the business and adds value to the business.We have read and discussed several documents thus far in the class, and many of them discuss the value of IT and how it helps an organization.Some of these benefits are obvious, but others are a little more obscure.Take another look at the various documents assigned so far for reading, and do some web research if you like, and share with us 2 or 3 business benefits that you think are important but might be overlooked or may often not be included in a quickly constructed list of benefits.As we discuss these, keep in mind that next week your team will be developing its Alternative Analysis section, which includes identifying and comparing the benefits.

Reading material

Business Benefits – https://www.business-case-analysis.com/business-benefit.html

Strategic Alignment of IT to Business – Strategic Alignment of IT to Business.doc

HHS Feasibility Study and Alternatives Analysis