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Once you have watched it (once or twice!) please choose one of the prompts below and write an essay (one to two pages -250 to 500 words min but as long as it takes to process your thoughts) and email it to me. You only need to respond to one prompt. Here are your options:

1.Was there a particular part of the documentary that really hit home for you in thinking about what you want for yourself and your family around end-of-life decisions?

2. As a potential healthcare professional, what do you envision as your role supporting patients and their families who may be facing end of life decisions?

3. What ideas did the documentary give you about what you might want your doctor and those close to you to know about your end-of-life preferences? Thinking about the answer to this question is the first step in taking action to document your wishes.

4. Which person (doctor, patient, family member) in this video that effected you most and why?