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Post should be in your own words.

No outside research except content that is in the Module Week 16 and the text.
Show understanding of the reading Week 16 (Chapter 15 to page 425), Module Week 16 and my content comments as you write your posts. (Attached bellow)

No more than 2 direct quotes per post. Direct quotations should not exceed 1.5 sentences in length.
See grading rubric in right hand corner drop down gear menu.

Do not make a list. Write in paragraph form.
Do not repeat the questions.

Initial Post

Even though the Civil War was over, the race question continued to dominate Southern life.
1) Describe what was done in trying to provide opportunities and social, economic and political equality for the freed people.
2) What more could have been done? How could they have better “reconstructed” the states of the Confederacy?

You must show knowledge of the historical events after the Civil War ended and display that you have studied Module Week 16. Make sure you give more attention to question #1
Do not repeat the questions.

Reply post

Write a reply to a classmate. Your post should show understanding of the student’s post and your knowledge of the reading for Week 16.
Your reply should display new material beyond what you posted in your initial post and beyond what the student posted to which you reply.
Your reply should be at least 3 sentences long