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share what you hope to gain by taking this course.

Next, describe your experiences with setting up a computer network, including experiences at home as well as in the workplace.

If you do not have any experience building a network, write instead about your experiences using a network. This may range from using social media on a laptop or phone to sending a print job for a course assignment or for work. You may connect to a network at home, at a coffee shop, at the airport, at work, or myriad other places.

You may want to even trace your connections to networks during the span of one to three days. It can be surprising to find how much of our experience is networked these days. This will also suggest why this course is so important.

In response to your peers, see if you can extend the conversation. Note any surprises or points you were not aware of, ask questions, and share commonalities. Then, be sure to reply to the responses you receive. In this course, the discussion topics should be friendly and show an inquisitive spirit, so here is the chance to start.

The peer response will be send to you as soon as the work starts .