Disclaimer: Just have no idea how to come up with this discussion post, It is due at 11:59 pm Pacific standard time, so i don’t have much time left. sorry. I didn’t see the film, but i do have the article about the critique. I don’t have the link to the Movie: Breathless maybe you can look something up? idk.

Discussion 2: Theory

Theory: The Structure of Film and the Possibilities of Experimental Formats

Describe Mulvey’s critique of the media of film with a discussion of Breathless. Use specific scenes as reference.

Perhaps we can pick up her challenge to create experimental films.

As a part of your post, re-imagine the film Breathless from an experimental perspective. What creative, character or narrative changes would you make? What can experimental film offer the viewer? And the artist? What about digital media like video work? Consider montage, and other formal strategies presented in your graphic novels to re-invent the film in the 21st Century.

Use Laura Mulvey’s article, “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema,” Breathless and/or other theoretical references from The Methodologies of Art to support your perspective.