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. Discuss the need for matching structure with the changing strategy of an organization. (5 Marks).


Q2. Explain the purposes strategy evaluation would serve to an organzation? (5 Marks)


Q3. Case: NADEC

The creation of NADEC Foods and NADEC Agriculture at the end of 2011 heralded a new era for the company, with the vision of long-term success as an independent company in open markets. This vision underlines NADEC‘s market and consumer-oriented approach for the future, which is made necessary by the constantly changing market dynamics taking place in Saudi Arabia and in the broader Middle East.

Freshness and taste are key to the success of this group. With facilities strategically located in the heart of Saudi Arabia, NADEC is the second largest processor and direct-to-store distributor of liquid milk marketed under the nadec brand name. NADEC also distributes cultured products, juices, cheese, and other food products. Every day, the company sends out approximately 1,000 refrigerated trucks and trailers onto the roads and highways across the Middle East to deliver fresh products to more than 30,000 customers.

Question: What strategies NADEC can follow to gain competitive advantage from competitors like Amarai, Alsafi and others. (5 marks)


Q4. CASE : Manuel Market opens first branch in Riyadh

Manuel Market, a Jeddah-based supermarket retailer, opened its first branch in Riyadh on Feb. 26, 2020.

The ninth and newest Manuel Market, located in Riyadh-Mercato, Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz Street, An-Nuzhah district, aims to provide customers a luxurious shooping experience, the best service, and the finest healthy, natural and organic products at reasonable prices. The opening ceremony was attended by Khaled Al-Darwish, CEO of Manuel Market; Abdulelah Al-Darwish, chairman; Abdullah Al-Darwish; Abdulrazzaq Al-Darwish, general manager; Faisal Al-Darwish, deputy general manager; a group of businessmen and media representatives; and a gathering of Manuel’s customers.

The supermarket chain, which opened its first branch in Jeddah in 2010, currently has seven branches in Jeddah, one in Jubail and one in the Saudi capital.
CEO Al-Darwish said: “The Manuel Market chain offers the best and widest selection of consumer goods and food products of the most famous global brands. In addition to being a leader in the field of organic and healthy natural foods, Manuel provides its customers with outstanding national and international product options under one roof.”
One of the most important goals of Manuel, Al-Darwish said, is to “make a positive difference in people’s lives by paying attention to their passion, understanding their needs, and meeting their aspirations.” He also reiterated Manuel’s commitment to developing and improving service levels to meet the demands of its customers.

Question: Suggest your strategies to differentiate Manuel Market from other super markets in Riyadh. (5 Marks)