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I am attaching the paper which I worked on and I need to add few things.

1) Table of contents (mention all of the )

2)Key recommendations- should be divides into primary and secondary.

3) Analysis of investment ( see my document which i send to you now )

4) have to mention about CEO/ recommendation ( I will send image as reference )

5) organisational change impact should be expanded ( will send image) – If Needed reduce SWOT analysis into box as in my other document because it should be in 3500 words excluding references and Table of contents .

6) Future opportunities and scope of this technology , advancement should be mentioned. U can use Future opportunities as heading and this can be in organisation change impact after that stake holder index which you are going to mention now.

7) Appendix should be after limitations and gantt chart should be changed. Not sure whether you provides is right or wrong. And it should be weeks.

Lastly, Some more references if you can add, will be good.

I have attached the document which my friend submitted

Part II is the paper I worked on. And Data collection is the paper which my friend has submitted. So please compare these 2 papers.