Could you please help me with a Literature Review of two articles.

I need an Abstract and Literature for Article #1

I need an Abstract and Literature Review for Article #2

I downloaded the articles in folder below.

Literature Review Guidelines and Rubric

Be sure to address the following issues within your literature review:

Name of article and journal cited in proper APA format ï‚·

Where did you find this article?

How did you know that it was a reliable and valid site? ï‚·

What is the issue that the article is specifically addressing?

Is this a significant problem or issue related to the concepts and theory in this course? Why or why not? ï‚·

What references did the author use in this article? ï‚·

Did the article contain research? What data was used?

What instruments, if any, were used to collect data? ï‚·

What were some of the conclusions, if any, to the research in this article? ï‚·

Was the article reliable and valid? Explain. ï‚·

Was this article well written? Thoughtful and reflective? Applicable for the classroom teacher? ï‚·

What were the limitations in this article? Any variables? ï‚·

Any other thoughts, comments?

Guidelines for Submission:

Your Literature Review should be at least two pages (four pages maximum), double-spaced, use 12-point Times New Roman font, and contain citations in APA format.

Thank you