detailed critique of a music piece A+ Writers |

Listen to a full album by one of the following composers:J.S. Bach; Beethoven; Bizet; Brahms; John Cage; Chopin; Miles Davis; Debussy; Faure; George Gershwin; Phillip Glass; Grieg; Handel; Haydn;Ives; Liszt; Lully; Mahler; Mozart; Mussorgsky; Rachmaninoff; Ravel; Rossini; Saint-Saens; Scarlatti; Schoenberg; Schumann; Schubert; Strauss; Stravinsky; Tchaikovsky; Vaughan Williams; Vivaldi.

Attach a copy of the album cover (if available).If not, describe your source of the album.

  • List the album title, performers, and titles of pieces (10 Pts)
  • Describe three of the pieces (20 pts)
  • Why did you choose this particular event? (5 pts)
  • What was the best element of this event? (10 pts)
  • What was the worst element of this event? (10 pts)
  • How did your previewing concept of this experience affect your actual a experience? (5 pts)
  • Would you recommend this event to a friend?Why or why not? (10 pts)
  • Give a detailed critique of the performance.(325 – 350 word response) (30 pts)