Answer the questions below.


Must be at least 150 words

1.Few technological topics are as discussed as the value of social media. There are many significant pros and cons of social media that people have become tremendously passionate about it. Social media has led to great discoveries and life-saving events. It also has been an indirect cause of death and destruction. Give examples of each. Overall, is social media something worth using? What do you project for the future? Please keep in mind this topic cannot be fully discussed without involving privacy concerns and security issues in your response

2.Relational Databases are very popular and still growing in popularity. Why is that so? Give specific personal examples of Relational Database use. If you cannot provide examples from experience, suggest ways that Relational Databases may help you and explain how they can improve your life.

3.What is SQL and why is it so important? Include a discussion about the two broad categories of SQL functions; be sure to evaluate the functions in your discussion and not simply mention them.