For this case analysis, you will assume the role of a manager for a small company.

You have been tasked with a project that involves designing and implementing a database for the company’s managers to assist with business decision making.

This case analysis is comprised of the following parts:

  • Part I: Database Design and Context
    • What is a database?
    • What are the uses of databases?
  • Part II: Entity Relationships Diagrams (ERD)
    • What is an ERD?
    • How would you develop a database using an ERD?
    • Show an ERD for your small company.
  • Part III: Creating a Database
    • Using the ERD you developed, create a database (use MS-Excel) with a MINIMUM of SIX records (aka tuples) in rows and SIX fields (aka attributes) in columns.
    • Database MUST show the use of at least ONE Pivot Table (included as an MS-Excel tab) to demonstrate functionality.

Submit a written paper of between 750 to 1,000 words. Provide sufficient details for the paper to be readily understood.

NOTE: As stated earlier, APA format is REQUIRED. This includes a MINIMUM of three academically acceptable references and the expectation of correctly used “in-text” citations.