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Cybersecurity Dashboard

As part of advanced security, an organization needs to know its readiness and areas of weakness. You are part of a team that has been asked to create an organization Ransomware and Data leakage dashboard of the current status that will help your organization identify where to focus investment. You can use Visio®, PowerPoint®, or Word.

In order to keep key leaders informed of your organizations network security wellness, include status indicators you have selected. Include cybersecurity, network, and other enterprise measurements. You will need a digital display, as well as a description of why you selected each measure as a priority.

Example 1

Consider that most established processes within an organization should have an output that could be displayed. It is possible that you might include some more permanent dashboard items, as well as large project specific items, such as an update of the number of desktops that need to be updated to the latest operating system.

Example 2

If you have a Cybersecurity Response Team, is it ready, fully staffed and able to respond in a 6-hour, 12-hour, or 24-hour response? Your status indicator could show this or something similar. In contrast, if everyone quit, and you have no team, that might be a worst-case status.