Topic 2: Cultural Dimensions

As a precursor to the “Looking Ahead” Assignment which you will submit in Unit 10, you will address cultural dimensions as seen in your Learning Activity and the Reading on pages 163–165 from Chapter 5 (Hofstede’s Framework and the GLOBE Framework). Review these and do some research on the Internet. Then address the Discussion topic:

  • For a company that has manufacturing facilities in the United States and in China, select two of the five value dimensions from Hofstede’s Framework (from pages 163–165 in Chapter 5), and compare/contrast these dimensions with how the United States facility would be run versus the one in China, based on these work-related values.

Just do response each posted # 1 to 3 down below only

Posted 1

Hello Class,

I work at a bank and the company are always trying to come up with a way to boost sales (as any other company does). One of the things the branch lacked was digital sales (online banking, mobile app, bill pay, mobile deposits). So the company rolled out what is called “Digital Tuesdays”. I was the one in the branch that was picked to manage it. I was able to use all four functions. I was able to put a plan in place that fit all employees in the branch by getting a sign made attached with candy, printed out the flyers, and made sure that everyone knew how to work the app so when a customer asked, we would be able to assist them further. When it came to organizing, it was simple because I wanted to make sure that the focus was solely on digital sales, so I came up with a skit to make the customer aware of our new service, as well as keeping their attention. Leading this sale was easy because I am really good at customer service so I always made sure that I was checking in on everyone and if they weren’t comfortable I would make sure that I was there to help as needed. By planning, organizing, and leading the “Digital Tuesdays”, I was able to control all aspects that came with or up pertaining to the sales or the mobile app. We were able to increase the sales and points the branch had set.

The function that I personally need the most additional training in would be leading. I say leading because everyone has a deadline and sometimes individuals can be hard to deal with, so for me if I know that it is going to cause an issue and the work will not get completed, I just do it myself and handle the issue with the employee the next day.

In my work and personal life I have always been a planner and very organized, but if I had to pick a POLC function that I am most strongest in it would be organized because everything and everyone has a place and a role to play. So with me being organized it is easier for me to come up with a solid plan that I can accomplish.

Posted 2

Hello Everyone,

I use planning when I arrive to work and get my list of patients for the day. Some patients take priority over others depending on what they have been admitted for. Patients have medications that have to be distributed at specific times, so I have to plan who I will see at what time in order to get their medications to them on time. I use organization when it comes to the daily activities for the patients. The doctor will do their rounds in the morning, so I try to get into the patient’s room while the doctor is there to hear any updates. I tend to start with the patient that will be seen first by the doctor, so I would already be in that room. Every nurse must be a leader of some type. Our floor is always getting new nurses and having student nurses. You learn when you’re young to always do the right thing even if no one is watching. This constitutes for new and nursing students that are always watching and adapting their practices to what makes sense and what is safe. Being in control is such a high priority in nursing. You are in control of the patient and making sure they are comfortable throughout your shift. Everything that happens to a patient falls under the nurse that is assigned to them. Charting is one control that is used because it is documented what happened during the interaction with your patient.

All four functions are used in my personal and professional life every day. I lead a different professional life than personal, but they have their own functions in different ways. For instance, being in control of your home such as cleaning, doing laundry, school and playing volleyball isn’t as serious as maintaining a patient at the hospital. You oversee both but in different ways. You must plan the things you do at home around your work schedule. At home, the dishes can be pushed off for one more day as a patient’s medication cannot.

I think I would need additional help in planning. I tend to push off a lot of things at home that should be done that day. I tend to tell myself that it can wait one more day and then when I do it, there are other things that must get done that day too. Sometimes I get home from work and go to sleep because I’m exhausted rather than catching up around the house.

I think I am the strongest in organizing. I am very organized at work. It has a lot to do with a routine and what time is it to get things done. My house is very organized at home and everything has its proper place. I used a lot of calendars and alarm clocks to remind me to do something.

Posted 3

The four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, which managers have to utilize during their daily routine. Considerably, I use some of these functions in my daily activities. Planning is a significant manager role that helps the organization to achieve its goals and objectives (Robbins, & Judge, 2019). This specific aspect involves resource allocation and delegation of responsibilities with reasonable timelines. As a co-manager in our local store, I have to plan my work schedule and determine the duties that need to be assigned to employees and relative deadlines. Planning requires working independently before delegating responsibilities.

Organizational skills ensure the smooth running of the company. At our local store, I have to establish the internal processes by determining which employee gets to do what task. For instance, there are those employees who handle the groceries quite well while others deal with the dairy products. Additionally, managers have to be comfortable to take command of the teams, especially in times of significant challenges. For example, there are times when I have to step up and solve conflicts among employees or add reinforcement. Generally, to ensure all the other functions are working, as a co-manager, I have to monitor the performance of employees and the quality of their work.

One of the challenging functions is controlling. Sometimes I lack the confidence to face the employees, especially during stressful situations. Controlling entails making sure the company reaches its ultimate goal and making the necessary changes. Conversely, I have robust planning and organizational skills since I take my time to allocate responsibilities to the employees independently. Additionally, I have undergone formal training, which gives me an added advantage. Before pursuing the co-management position, I had to study the management philosophies and practices. Otherwise, all four functions of management are essential before taking up any management responsibility.