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Select one of the prompts in Section V and write a research essay of no less than 1500 and no more than 2500 words that addresses the questions that the prompt raises.

The paper should be a combination of Exposition and Argumentation. Exposition should always serve Argumentation. a. Exposition seeks to explain the concepts, claims, analyses, and arguments of authoritative sources. Exposition provides detailed, accurate, and precise definitions and explanations of the central concepts, issues, and claims (using, where helpful, relevant examples) [Definition/Explanation]. Exposition also breaks the theory, principle, or issue under discussion down into its relevant parts and explains the connections between the parts clearly and accurately [Analysis]. Finally, Exposition successfully integrates all the relevant parts of the theory, principle, or issue under discussion into a clear and coherent account [Synthesis].

b. Argumentation seeks to establish or prove a thesis. Argumentation lays out a series of ideas or claims that are linked together. Argumentation explains how one idea (or set thereof) leads to another idea (or set), that is, how they are linked together, and how this series of steps in thought lead, either necessarily or probabilistically (that is, more likely than not), to a conclusion that is the thesis or position for which the paper is arguing.

IV. SOURCES/CITATIONS The paper may use the sources that have been assigned for the class or that we have access to through the readings provided in the course. Though this is not required due to the current pandemic restrictions, the paper may also make use of sources beyond those we have read or have had access to through the course. a.

Number of Sources: There is no set number of required sources.

The paper should use as many sources as the topic requires and that can be accessed online. Use Google Scholar.

b. Citation Method: Footnotes, Endnotes, or Author/Date are all acceptable. The paper may use citation formats laid out in the Chicago Manual of Style/Turabian, the American Psychological Association (APA) Style, Modern Language Association (MLA) Style, or any other citation method by which the source can be identified and tracked back to its original publication.

V. RESEARCH PAPER PROMPTS 1. State and explain the Consequentialist justification of punishment. What are the criticisms of this theory made by the Retributivist and Restorative traditions? Do you agree or disagree with these critiques? State and explain the reasons why or why not. 2. Compare and contrast Wacquant and Gilmore on the relationship of incarceration and race. Specifically, what, according to Wacquant, is the role that racial ostracization plays in the practice of imprisonment? What role does racism play in Gilmore’s explanation of incarceration? Which, if either, account do you find more persuasive? State and explain the reasons that lead to your judgment. 3. Foucault claims that the same set of techniques of normalization or disciplinary power are at work in schools, workplaces, hospitals, and prisons. Explain what these techniques are and then show how they can be said to define modern educational, economic, healthcare, and punitive spaces. Do you agree with Foucault’s claim in full, in part, or not at all? State and explain the reasons that lead to your position.

I attached the original file on the requirements and two other readings that can be used in the paper.