create a toulmin outline for the article link provided 1 A+ Writers |

We’ve discussed the Toulmin outline and how it can be used to analyze arguments. However, it can also help in creating arguments by allowing a writer to develop an organization that allows that writer to see the patterns in the information being synthesized.

For example:

CLAIM: Everyone should pick up their dogs’ droppings

WARRANT: (do you really need to say this?) Even dog owners should be considerate of their fellow citizens and other dogs.

REASON: Lots of dogs live in cities and towns

DATA: Number of dogs in United States (source)

Number of dogs live in cities and towns (source)

REASON: Dog droppings can cause health hazards for other dogs.

DATA: Dogs eat feces

DATA: Feces contain diseases that other dogs can eat and contract (source)

DATA: Tapeworms and other parasites can be contracted by eating feces (source)

REASON: Dog droppings can be dangerous to people.

DATA: Kids can play with droppings, not wash their hands

DATA: People can slip on fresh leavings.

REASON: People take pride in their surroundings

DATA: Homeowners don’t like feces in their yards

DATA: City dwellers see enough garbage. Dog owners don’t need to add to it.

REASON: If you’re found out, you be penalized.

DATA: Several cities fine you if you don’t pick up after your dog (Specific cities and fines. Don’t forget sources.)

DATA: Neighbors can sue.

COUNTERARGUMENT: Picking up droppings is hard work for the squeamish.

REBUTTAL: We humans do lots of unsavory things, including excretions and we clean up after ourselves and dependent parties.

COUNTERARGUMENT: Feces is biodegradable—the plastic bags used to throw out feces are not.

REBUTTAL: There are bridgeable bags for droppings for the ecologically careful.

Now, I want you to read another article. It’s in modern English. Create the Toulmin outline for the article and have it ready for class next session.