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This assignment will cover two important factors in healthcare facilities today. All transmitted PHI should be encrypted including email. Due to HIPAA best practice recommendations, IT departments are implementing two factor authentication. Various types of two factor authentication are available, including use of tokens, security questions, biometrics such as finger print or voice recognition, or telephone call back.

1) Compare and contrast symmetric and asymmetric encryption. If you are looking for the most secure type of encryption for your organization, which would you choose and why? What methods are available to encrypt hospital emails that hold patient information?

2) You have outsourced your ROI staff to an independent contractor. Since your IT department is requiring a two-factor authentication method for that contractor as an added layer of security, you need to evaluate the options that you have for two factor authentication and recommendation a method supporting your choice.

Create a PowerPoint presentation to present to your staff in the HIM department and to the IT Department discussing the steps for encryption you have chosen and discuss the types of two factor authentications available and indicate the authentication you have selected. There should be 8-10 slides with two additional slides for a title slide and a reference slide citing resources.