completion grade 500 word response to each question about the civil rights movement the limits of power the conservative resurgence the new world order A+ Writers |

  • You will submit a response to EACH of the reflective questions listed at the end of each online module.
  • This will be submitted via a single word/PDF document, with each answer separated with a new sub-heading.
  • Each question requires a 500 word response (minimum)

1. What were the significant pieces of civil rights legislation? What were the different approaches/voices of the Civil Rights movement?

2. What are the key economic problems in the 1970s? How did the Nixon presidency alter the trajectory of the office?

3. What are the major social issues of the 1980’s?

4. How do the demographics of the U.S. change in the 1980s and 1990s and what does this diversity mean for American society and politics?