company valuation report 2 A+ Writers |

You are required to write a report which presents the results of your valuation (1500 Words).

Your report should:

Estimate the intrinsic value of your company and its share price using your pro-forma statement.

To assist decision making among investors who are considering the shares of your company for stock selection, include estimates of the profitability ratios, ROE and ROA, as well a valuation ratio like the PE ratio.

Suggest and support a recommendation for stock investors from the following:

    • Strong buy
    • Buy
    • Hold
    • Underperform
    • Sell

Comment on any recent developments discovered in your research that could impact on the business model and management of your company in the future.

Please include the output of the first two sections of the assignment as Appendices.

I provide first two some previous analysis to give you idea in the file.