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Throughout the semester, you will be asked to provide a media example (e.g., print, digital, video, etc.) and write a minimum of 500 words explaining how this media example illustrates any of the theories and concepts covered during a particular week in the semester. The deadline to post your media example/explanation following a particular week’s content is the following Saturday at noon (12:00 pm) EST on Blackboard under “Media Examples.”

For example, if you would like to post a media example/explanation for Week 2’s content on Media Effects, Use and Gratifications, or Mood Management based on the recorded lectures and assigned readings for May 26 or May 28, you must post your media example/explanation on Blackboard under the “Media Examples” discussion thread for the appropriate week, “Week 2: Media Examples” in this case, before the following Saturday, May 30 at 12:00 pm EST.

For instance, you may submit a magazine advertisement to illustrate gender roles, providing a written explanation of how this advertisement illustrates schema theory and/or research pertaining to media consumption and eating disorders. Alternatively, you may submit a video of a reality-based program, providing a written explanation of how the interaction of the characters in the program, as well as the anticipated outcome, illustrate entertainment theories based on perceived disposition of characters and predicted outcome. Please keep in mind that these two ideas only serve as examples. This assignment will be evaluated in terms of how relevant the media example is to the concepts and theories covered in the respective week of the course, as well as the quality, creativity, organization, and clarity of the written explanation. When referring to assigned readings and any outside resources, please use APA (American Psychological Association) style to appropriately cite them and provide a reference list.