Choose three examples from our class so far of oppressed individuals or groups who actively resisted the historical power relations of their time. Explain each example, contextualize it by offering a summary of the historical conditions at that time, and analyze what conclusions we can draw from these acts of resistance.

the three examples that I chose are :

1- MADAME C.J. WALKER ( 1867- 1919)



Make sure you have an introductory paragraph which introduces the reader to the three examples you will discuss. You should close your paper with a conclusion paragraph that again brings up your three examples and summarizes your conclusions about them. Your paper should be 4-pages long (12pt, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1 inch margins).

Before submitting your paper read over it to proofread it for grammatical mistakes, and check it with the rubric.

If you are worried about the quality of their writing, read “P1 – Shitty First Drafts,” which describes how all writers write first drafts that need work. Their writing becomes better from writing and then revising. You can practice this by writing a draft of your paper, reading over the assignment and the rubric again, and then editing your paper before you submit it.

Due by 11pm, October 10.

  1. Introduction Paragraph
    1. Introduce the reader to the three examples
    2. Avoid broad phrases like “Throughout history…” “All over the world…”
  2. Body Paragraph x (at least) 3
    1. Start with an introduction sentence
    2. Example from class of resistance
    3. 2-3 sentences explaining the historical context or moment
    4. What conclusions can be drawn from this act of resistance?
    5. End with a concluding sentence
  3. Conclusion Paragraph