Assignment: Select and analyze a battle from which you may interpret and assess multiple factors. If you have a strong desire to explore a somewhat obscure, relatively minor battle or campaign, (e.g. the Chaco War in South America…..which actually was significant regionally!) you may reach out to the faculty for guidance. Please note most major Civil War battles, e.g. Gettysburg, are not acceptable. You may try to explore lesser known conflicts which none the less were important, e.g. Napoleon’s invasion of Spain.

  1. Your paper must include a summary of the battle/campaign, including why the battle was fought, the main operational actions, and the results. By “why the battle was fought” I want you to provide a strategic context for the battle. You also should describe the main operational actions involved in the battle. Include elements of the “order of battle” (the hierarchy of the forces) as needed. You should describe the results of the event, also.
  2. Your paper must include an analysis of the battle, using the Army FM 3-0 Principles of War as the foundation of the analysis.The analysis of the principles is the most important portion of the paper, it is more important than the summary of the battle. You do not have to cover all nine principles. Cover those principles that were clearly demonstrated in the event. You may also discuss those principles that were failed to be employed if that failure influenced the result. Most battles demonstrate, in one way or another, all nine principles, but most battles also demonstrate several principles in a significant manner. Those “significant” principles should be your focus. Your analysis for each principle should be thorough and focus on “how” the principle was demonstrated in the event. Please identify any theorist by which the application of his theory influenced events.
  3. Your paper must apply proper Chicago Manual of Style notations and a full bibliography with all sources listed. You should rely on primary and secondary sources, relying exclusively on reference works will not be a successful strategy. Part of your grade will be determined by your sources, their quality, and proper Chicago Style formatting. You must have a bibliography.
  4. Final papers will be 4-6 pages in length. Papers should be a word document, double-spaced, with standard 1-inch margins and a 12 point Times New Roman Font. Papers significantly shorter or significantly longer than 4-6 pages will be penalized. Maps can add clarity to battle descriptions, but they will not count in the page count. A bibliography page does not count in the required page count of the paper. I do not count words but please avoid verbosity!!!

NOTE: If you are selecting the Zulu War of 1879, you are urged to watch both “ZULU” (1964 epic movie, Michael Caine) and the prequel “ZULU DAWN” (1979 epic film, Peter O’toole)…..reasonably accurate portrayals of the campaign in Natal.