A written analysis of the individual “What Would You Do?” case study in the form of an academic paper (cover page, executive summary, body text (introduction-analysis- conclusion), appendices, (figures, documents, tables), reference list, etc.

Key questions to answer:

Should 3M continue to focus on using Six Sigma procedures to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, or should it strive again to encourage its scientists and managers to focus on innovation? Which will make 3M more competitive in the long run?

What are the advantages and disadvantages for 3M of each approach, and when and where would each be more likely to work?

Over time, how much should companies like 3M rely on acquisitions for innovation?

Should 3M acquire half, one-third, 10 percent, or 5 percent of its new products through acquisitions?

What makes the most sense and why?

If you wanted to grow innovation at 3M, what would you do?