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This is group assignment which consists of two stages. You will form a group of 3 to 4 students. In the first stage, you will gather information for the task below and in the second stage you will present what is required from you.

The Task

Your group is running a legal consultancy firm in Muscat. You have been approached by two inverters one is Omani nationality and Australian nationality who together want to start a business of Restaurant in AlMuaj Muscat. They want your advice and consultancy on establishing an LLC for their proposed business. Your legal consultancy firm has agreed to provide consultancy services to them but for the deal to be finalized you have to make a presentation of the whole process of the formation of an LLC company. You also have to give details of the documents required, the time needed for different approvals, and all the costs involved. In the end, you should also be giving details of your consultancy charges.

Stage 1 – Data Gathering and Compilation

Your group will gather information related to your consultancy task. You can visit websites; meet lawyers and officials in different ministries who are related to your consultancy task; gather information from books, journals and other publications. You can use any source that is useful for your purpose.

You will keep a record of all the information that you gather.

It is open for you to choose whatever format you desire for this purpose.