You must develop a business plan for a learning center of your choice. Imagine that you want to create a learning center for life-long learning that develops offline and online courses and programs, aiming at meeting the increasing market demand. The learning center will equip learners with current knowledge, helping them to adopt forward-thinking and analytical skills or art and science competencies. The center will issue certificates and diplomas to those who complete their studies successfully. You should consider the evolution of education and how technology can help you reach larger audiences.

The learning center chosen:

  • A business school learning center “college”
  • Service delivered: Theoretical and applied
  • 4 years; ( year 1 and year 2: theory, year 3 and year 4: applying the real life business), if a student fails in year 3 he gets a chance in year 4, if failed in year 4, he should start again from year 3 with an extra theory course.
  • Description: After the 2 years of studying BUSINESS concepts, students should form groups and do real-life businesses, 2 years should be spent on doing their own business, in the first year (after doing 2 years of studying) business should be applied into real life, if it worked they continue to 2nd year of applied (year 4). If business failed, students get another chance for another business, if failed again, they should go back to year 3, but before going back, they go through a summer course to know their mistakes and what went wrong etc..

I need you to write this part of the business plan:

Service or product line:

  • Describe what you sell or what service you offer.
  • Explain how it benefits your customers and what the product lifecycle looks like.
  • Pricing Structure
  • Share your plans for intellectual property, like copyright or patent filings.
  • Research and development for your service or product, explain it in detail.

also, i will attach a business plan example u can check the part there