Check out Luckin’s business model (China) and imagine opening coffee shops like this business model in Manhattan.

The name of the new coffee shop is “Smart Coffee”, please read the uploaded class file then finish following questions.

1.List out your Beachhead Market + End-User Profile. ( already in the word doc)

2.Apply the Life Cycle of an Industry Model to the industry that your startup is playing in and validate with research why you think that your industry is in that stage. (describe industry)

3.Apply Michael Porter’s 5 Forces + 1 extra one mentioned in class to your industry.

4.Research two key criteria that are important for your future beachhead customers and describe why

5.Identify and describe 5-10 key potential and future competitors. Use those 2 key criteria in an X and Y graph, plotting those potential and future competitors you will have to confront when introducing your product or service.

6.List your 15+ sources at the end titled “Bibliography” in MLA(modern language association 8th edition) format.