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Write a minimum of 1200 words and 3 scholarly sources for numbers 1-4…………#5 write 250 words and 2 scholarly sources…….NO PLAGIARISM

1. In our opinion, what is the most important strategy for communicating a positive service culture? Give an example of the strategy. You must also use a reference to substantiate your point.

2. What are two strategies for giving personal recognition to customers? Give an example. Be sure to use references.

3. In what way do the service delivery systems link to the culture of an organization? Please use references.

4. What are the four forms of body language discussed in the text? Why are the forms important in customer service? Be sure to bring in information from an outside source.

5. In at least 250 words, discuss the importance of using effective listening skills in the customer service industry. Be sure to include a minimum of two scholarly sources.