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Borders are places where the national intersects with the global. At a border crossing, a country may assert its sovereignty and exclude people from its territory. At the same crossing, a country may bow to international agreements and welcome people from selected groups. The objective of this week’s assignment is to deepen our understanding of the relationship between borders and political globalization.

(1) Using Google Maps Street View, visit an international border and cross from one side to the other. (Feel free to choose any international border around the world that Google Maps will allow you to see.) Identify the place, and share with us what you see there. How is the border marked, and how stark are the differences between the two sides? (If you do not have access to Google Maps Street View, use a border crossing video from YouTube.)

(2) Articulate one argument in favor of restricted borders. Under what conditions should a country shun people from its territory? Articulate another argument in favor of free borders. Under what conditions should a country welcome into its territory?

(3a) Do you think the youth in the YouTube should be welcomed into the U.S.? Why or why not?

(3b) Describe one way the intensification of the U.S. border has transformed life in Mexico according to On the Plain of Snakes.

youtube video:

ps.On the Plain of Snakes is a book written by Paul Theroux Houghton Mifflin Harcourt about a Mexican journey. might need to use the material in the book.