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Using “The Prophet” (Kahlil Gibran) as a reference, create a short position paper on the topic of personal strategy. Consider the following statement: Personal strategies, when embraced by the individual, can impact a community or perhaps society as a whole.

[NOTE – The text is divided into numerous chapters including self-knowledge, friendship, time, freedom, good and evil, work, etc. You may wish to focus your efforts on one particular chapter, or you may prefer to dabble with different quotes from different chapters.]

Your paper needs to include:

Intro – In one paragraph briefly state your position agreeing or disagreeing with this statement.

Body – List 5 specific references (quotes) that support your position. Briefly explain each quote in your own words.

Conclusion – Consider personal strategies employed during struggles, accomplishments, challenges or achievements you have experienced that have impacted others in your community/society/family/sorority or fraternity/res hall/group/team. In other words, how have choices you have made impacted others? How have these choices framed your own personal strategy?

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