Hi again!

got extra time for Assignment 4, if you can take your time and kinda clean/finish it.

and This is assignment 5, due Tuesday, i’ll need it Sunday to study it.

its 2 questions on Arrays.

i need Assignment 4 asap, take your time.

Assignment 5 also take your time, due Sunday if you can.

he also asked for extra credit which be the 3rd question after you finish 4 and do 5.

“Write a program in assembly. For example create a calculator that can add, multiply, divide and find the remainder of division. You can display the calculator and let the user input the numbers. The result will be displayed on the screen. (This is just an example. You can work on other projects but all of the calculations have to be in assembly code).

thank you so much!

i want it to look like you’re old work with the comments and explanations, i will make sure to assign them to you as soon as i get them!