anybody wanna write a philosophy paper A+ Writers |

In this assignment, you are to take one of the Reading Reflection Drafts you have already written, and use that as a springboard for writing a more rigorous, polished, 1500-2000 word (5-8 double-spaced pages) short paper.

You may, alternatively, choose to develop your own topic for this paper, but you will need to get my approval for your topic in order to do so. In order to get an alternative topic approved, you must send me your topic before 4/23/20.

Please consult the Writing Philosophy module for helpful tips in writing a philosophy paper.

YOU MUST MAKE USE OF AT LEAST TWO ACADEMIC SECONDARY SOURCES IN YOUR RESPONSE. I have provided some potential secondary sources for many of the Reflection Draft assignments. Be sure to cite these sources in a way that enables your reader to follow up on your citation if they need to, as well as clearly distinguish between your understanding of what others have said about these issues and where your own thought is building off those insights. If you aren’t sure whether a particular source counts as “scholarly,” please ask (the general guideline to follow here is that the author should be a professional philosopher associated with some university, articles should be from peer-reviewed academic journals or books published by academic publishers).