answering questions by watching a video 1 A+ Writers |

Question 1

Who do you believe answers the questions best, overall? Give an example of a specific question and why

your choice answered it best. Explain.

(Sample answer: I believe Bahooey answered the questions best, overall. When the candidates were

asked, “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx . . . ,” Bahooey replied that they were not sure that xxxxxxxxxxx, and that

consequently XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Bahooey did not answer all the questions well, but I think they

answered the majority of them best.)

Question 2

What specific question was not answered well by any candidate or was most ignored? Explain.

Question 3

What question and answer did you find the most relevant to your life? Explain.

Question 4

What is the difference between diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Question 5

Have you voted in this election, or intend to vote Friday, May 21? Why, or why not?