Some say there is currently a revival of the Arts and Crafts movement in our society.

This week, I would like you to select a contemporary design object (examples include products, fashion, crafts, architecture created during the last 20 years), which adheres to the original ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement. Think about what specifically makes this object an Arts and Crafts object? How does it exemplify the Arts and Crafts movement? How is it made? What are the functions of the object? Remember, usually there are more considerations to design than simply aesthetics. Do you think Arts and Crafts objects will make a comeback in our society? Reference the readings and viewings in your response.

What needs to be included in the submission?

  1. An image of your selection
  2. A proper citation (Artist, Title, Date)
  3. A 5-7 sentence paragraph considering the questions posed