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For this assignment, attached to Project 3, I want you to start considering what you might want to argue for Essay 3. Remember you can focus on the book or the movie, or a comparison (like essay 2) on both.

Here are some options for you to consider while narrowing down your topic and considering what might be your working thesis. Remember the following are just suggestions and options of where to focus. If you already have an idea, go with that one.

In the Time of Butterflies

Things to Consider from the Book and the Movie:

  • What is the purpose of Alvarez’s use of violent imagery?
  • How does Alvarez address becoming a woman?
  • How does the theme of entrapment symbolize the authoritarian regime in the Dominican Republic?
  • Consider Alvarez’s use of Maria Teresa’s diary entires as a way for us to learn about events in Minerva’s life. Is this successful?
  • How is the weather used to reflect the narrative?
  • How does Patria’s view of Trujillo as like God change?
  • How are traditional views of women challenged in the novel?
  • How does Lio Morales affect the relationship between Dede and Minerva?
  • Describe how Alvarez creates the feeling that death is lurking in Maria Teresa’s diary entries.
  • How is Patria tied both to heaven and to earth?
  • What does In the Time of Butterflies (both the novel and the movie) have to say about the timeliness and timelessness of the subject/topic? What are both texts saying about their joint themes of violence, revolution, the role of women, women’s gender roles, dictatorships, oppressive government, etc?
  • Consider the successfulness of the novel or the movie. Or a comparison between the novel and the movie: which was more successful?

Directions: Once you have looked back at your submission from last week on your research questions and considered the ones I’ve provided, narrow down your topic, and answer the following question. This is sort of like a working thesis.

  • Question 1: What is your narrowed topic/limited subject for your research paper?
  • Question 2: What might you want to argue about that limited subject?