1. Show how you would use the Directory directive to enclose a group of directives to allow access to directory “C:wwwmy_serverdocs” only to host names that end with “.org” or “.edu”. Do not allow the use of a “.htaccess” file in this directory and do not allow a browser to display a listing of the directory contents. Hint: Take a look at directives Require, AllowOverride, and Options.
  2. Assume that you want the main page for your web site to be either one of two “.html” files that you have in the DocumentRoot directory. You want to be able to set either one of these files as your main page without having to restart your server or move the files. How would you do it?
  3. Suppose that you want your Web site to be accessible by people that you know but you don’t want it to be found and indexed by Internet search engines like Yahoo and Google. What directive can you use in your configuration file that would make it less likely that an Internet search engine would find your site? Hint: You can use one of the directives that was introduced in Lesson 3.