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Over the course of the semester, you will create an annotated bibliography based on your social justice issue. The purpose of this assignment is to gather and analyze a list of sources someone could read to learn about your social justice issue. The annotated bibliography works as a key element of a researcher’s knowledge of a subject area. It allows you to track, record, and critically reflect on your sources. By the end of the semester, you will have 6 sources that you think are essential reading for your social justice issue. Then you can use these sources as part of your final paper.


For each of your two submissions, you will write annotations for three sources. You will need to provide citations for your sources, summarize its main points, explain its usefulness to your project, and briefly explain why someone should read it. Each annotation/source should range between 150-300 words. You can find some annotation examples below.


You need to cite your sources APA format and provide hyperlinks when used. You should carefully evaluate your sources to make sure they are credible and they contribute significantly to your topic. Aim for a variety of popular new sources and academic sources.


Quick Summary on creating annotations:

Example Annotated Bibliographic Entries (use the APA sample annotation):

Tips to Avoid Plagiarism and How to Cite from the SF State Library (review all short You Tube videos paying particularly close attention to the last video entitled, Citations & Their Formats):


This is an on-going assignment that you will submit three times throughout the semester. You will receive points each time you submit two entries (5 points per submission). You will submit a final revised version at the end of the semester for a letter grade (40 points).