Write a three-page essay that describes the diversity and social complexity of Africans before the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Must be in Chicago style format

2 quotes per page , must have a title page and bibliography.

A three-page essay

The student cited at least three scholarly sources in their three-page essay

The student adequately wrote about the given topic listed on the syllabus,

without getting off topic.

The student adequately adhered to writing their three-page essay in Chicago

Style Formatting.

The student adequately created a strong thesis statement.

The student’s grammatical errors are held to a minimum.

The student includes footnotes, a bibliography, and a title page.

The student’s three-page essay is double-spaced.

The student’s three-page essay is professionally written.

The student didn’t use any block quotes.

1 title page, 3 page essay, 1 bibliography page at the end