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Topic: Why this company should spend more time and money on quantum computer research and development; why quantum computers are profitable and good for business
Intended Target: A major tech company that works on quantum computers like Google or IBM

(I attached a file of the essay rubric)

You will research a topic related to your field of study or current career. Choose either an innovation or a problem to be solved in your current, past, or future workplace. Then, begin to study the topic, doing both primary and secondary research. You will submit a business proposal requesting to research this topic to your instructor at the start of the semester.

The report must contain: a title page, a table of contents, an executive summary, five to seven single spaced pages of text (not including title page, table of contents, summary, and graphics), two graphics you construct, and a references page.

Your report must include a total of at least six sources cited on the references page and two graphics you construct. There must be both primary and secondary sources listed. You must also include parenthetical (in-text) references within your pages of text as appropriate.

For all sources, you should use APA format. See https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01… for help if needed.