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This is a critical reflection of your personal experience of the pandemic with references to epidemics/plagues in literature and history.

Paper topic:

The Current Pandemic and you.

Discussion points:

  1. Current pandemic, your daily journal, your realizations, looking back, looking ahead.
  2. You need to refer to either literature or literary history. You must refer to Camus’ The Plague. You can use a quote from the excerpts we read or any other idea from the text to support your ideas.

Examples of literature and literary history:

The Pied Piper of Hamlyn

Extracts from Camus’ The Plague

Plague in the time of Shakespeare.

Any poem/story that you can find that has been written now or about epidemics in the past (Daniel Defoe, Mary Shelley, Jack London)

  1. You are writing a critical reflection with reference to epidemics in literature and/or literary history.

This is a sample of a memoir with a thesis but it is not a critical reflection


Sample above.

  1. Your paper needs to have a thesis.

Here is an example of a possible thesis.

Sickness travels best through the same channels as do friendship, fondness and love. Whoever shared my burger that day, or hugged me at the airport and helped me carry my luggage, whoever danced with me or clinked my glass are all going to be infected. Love and Covid 19 travel in parallel lines.

You are not writing a description or a narrative paper. You are telling a story and then reflecting on it critically.

This is your final paper and it needs to be 4 pages long, 12 point font and one inch margins. Use the MLA citation style as always. You may use only end of text citations. The paper is due on May 9th 2020, on blackboard.