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I have a full 2 page essay due today , its really easy , i will attach the prompt. No research has to be done or any book reading. The latest I can receive it is by 11pm, but I would appreciate it if I can receive it before. The prompt is below.

Working to create an extended definition essay at least two full pages in length, with five paragraphs (one introduction, three support, and one conclusion) choose one of the following concepts to define: pride, hope, sacrifice, or justice.

  • First, define your term with a series of extended examples drawn from three films you have seen, developing an illustrative paragraph (to become supporting paragraphs) based on a different film. (Before beginning, you may decide to focus on one particular genre of film: Disney, superhero, or horror, for example.)
  • Then, formulate a thesis statement that asserts the vital importance of the quality your examples have defined (pride, hope, sacrifice, or justice), to be included in your introduction paragraph.
  • Next, write suitable opening and closing paragraphs for the essay (in your introduction paragraph, include your own formal definition of the term you are defining), and then, arrange the body paragraphs in a logical order between your introduction and conclusion, adding transitions where necessary.
  • Finally, give your essay a creative and relevant title and an informative subtitle.

Recap key points:

  • You’re choosing one term that the whole essay will define.
  • You’re choosing three movies that exemplify the quality your term represents.
  • Your thesis will be about the meaning and importance of the quality your term represents.
  • Your support paragraphs will be about the movies that exemplify the quality you’re defining. Use one movie per support paragraph.
  • Use the formula from Patterns, chapter 13 to write your own formal definition for your term, that you’ll include in your introduction paragraph, perhaps as your hook.
  • Be sure to revise and edit.