Video Games, Movies and Violent Behavior Research suggests that children who watch a great deal of violent TV or play violent video games in adolescence are more likely to behave aggressively in adulthood. Additionally, some experts believe that adolescents exposed to pornography early in life also become desensitized to it and have unrealistic expectations about sex and intimacy. This has led some experts to conclude that violent imagery, pornography and violent video games are responsible for adult violence. Do you believe this is case? Using the Triton College library and the internet, research fact-based scholarly articles on the topic and present an argument that either agrees with or dismisses the theory. This is a persuasive essay in which your opinion must be supported by your research. Your paper should be two to three pages in length. Please double space and use 12 pt. font. Please cite the articles you have used as your references and attach them to your assignment.