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Write a 1000 – 1500 word essay regarding your personal and professional reactions to the COVID-19 situation. In your essay you are asked to process this experience on an intra-personal level. Assessment will be made on your ability to reflect and to process this experience. The following questions are only provided as a guideline and you do not have to answer each one.

Note = I am a clinical medical student so writing about healthcare during this crisis as well would be relevant

  • How did the COVID-19 situation affect me on an emotional, psychological and social level?
  • How did this impact my view of becoming a doctor?
  • Did your hopes and fears about becoming a doctor change and how? What do you intend todo about this? What new insights on health and wellbeing did this situation generate?
  • What new insights did it give you of yourself as a member of our Health care system? Do youlook differently at our health care services? How can this impact on your work as a futuredoctor?
  • Did this situation teach you anything about dealing with stress and possibly burnout?
  • Did this situation impact your idea of boundaries in health care?
  • Did your perception of patients, their families and their needs change?
  • Did your perception of your loved ones’ needs change?
  • Was there something positive that came out of this experience on a personal-professionallevel?
  • What kind of support systems did you use or would you use for yourself in such a stressfulsituation?Apart from the above questions you can also refer to the 3 previous seminars and discuss how your communication patterns might have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis and how you now see yourself working in Teams through this experience. You can make reference to the importance of Medical Leadership and what it means to you in such a crisis.